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Our Process


The Personal Insight Meeting

During our initial meeting together, we want to take the time to get to know you and what questions you'd like to have answered.


The Blueprinting Meeting

During the blueprinting session, we will work with you to identify and select your goals.


Internal Analysis of Client Options

Before meeting again, our team will work together internally to conduct a thorough analysis of the various options available to you to pursue your goals.


The Strategy Meeting

During the strategy meeting, we will review your goals and have a collaborative discussion regarding your cash flow strategies.


The Recommendations Meeting

Together, we will review and discuss our team's recommendations for your unique financial plan.


The Implementation & Statement Reading Meeting

Once we are on the same page regarding your financial plan, we will begin the necessary work to implement the strategies we've outlined


The “Standard of Care” Review Meetings

We will regularly monitor your plan's progress and meet to discuss any necessary updates to keep your strategy on track.

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